My reply to CNET Exec Editor blasting my NPR NN Commentary as "lies"

CNET Executive Editor, Molly Wood, blasted my NPR Morning Edition NN Commentary as "lies" in her column recently, trying to rebut my statements one by one in "Net Neutrality: Bring it on".

I replied in a comment to her post as soon as I learned of the personal attack. My comment/reply is found below in its entirety. I believe in CNET and Molly's sense of journalistic fairness and integrity that I will be given the opportunity to respond in detail to her assertions in a forum of their choosing.

Bring it on?

Thank you Molly for listening to my NPR commentary so intently. Thank you also for attempting to rebut my arguments. And lastly thank you also for your fun invitation to “bring it on.”  
First, as executive editor and columnist for CNET, I am surprised you did not see any need to call me first to see if I could back up the summary claims in my NPR Morning Edition commentary. I can completely back up everything I said. Just because you do not agree with my analysis or wish it was not true -- does not make them “lies.” The journalist and editor in you knows that there are always two sides to every story.

Second, I am willing and able to rebut all of your points in your column in detail and in whatever form and forum you choose. Would you be so fair as to grant me equal time in a CNET column? Or would you would you be so fair as to give me equal time in a CNET podcast debate with you or with any experts you choose to assemble on your side? Or what about a CNET online forum -- over a period of time -- with you or whomever? We agree this is an important issue. Why not help encourage a free and open debate on the merits of net neutrality?

Third, as the Executive Editor of online news leader CNET, I would have thought that you would have been more informed and open minded about this huge public policy issue before you demagogue-d on it so passionately. It appears you may be short on the facts, unaware of the history of the Internet and regulation, and generally light on your understanding of this important issue. I look forward to learning if you are indeed out of your depth on this topic.

Finally, I have fully disclosed from the start who it is that I represent in this debate: the competitive broadband providers of the telecom, wireless and cable industries. I have never claimed to be a “grassroots” site as you asserted. I apparently didn’t know that on a free and open Internet, that I was not free to have a website and blog to share my fully disclosed views. It is also important to note that I felt so strongly about this issue several months ago that on my own initiative, I brought the broadband providers together on this issue under the banner and These companies did not seek me out.   

I look forward to your reply and to being impressed with the journalistic fairness and ethics of CNET.