Microsoft's Double Standard

Microsoft is announcing today a new big initiative to enter the broadband business phone market to offer unified voice-data communications in competition with broadband providers. Reporters should ask if this means net neutrality would apply to them as new broadband competitors? Their answer should be an entertaining dance on the head of a pin.   

It is important to remember that Microsoft successfully lobbied the FCC a couple of years ago for de-regulatory decisions to let them enter traditional communications on an un-regulated basis.  

It is also important to remember Microsoft's past as government-determined monopoly of the operating system market.
Given this history, it is especially galling that Microsoft has the audacity to lead the charge for new re-regulation of its future broadband competitors, while arguing for a free pass for Microsoft.   

How come NN supporters have amnesia about Microsoft's monopoly past, but have a photographic memory of the telco's monoploy past?