Not progressive policy, Letter to the US Senate

Today I sent a letter to U.S. Senators that reveals how soft sounding network neutrality language is actually an extremely regressive policy position. While so-called ‘progressives’ are championing its merits, mandating net neutrality will essentially end the Internet era of tremendous innovation, growth and progress.

My letter makes the following points:

  • Net Neutrality is modern-day “Internet Luddism”
  • Net Neutrality is backward-looking, old-fashioned industrial policy
  • Net Neutrality would block, degrade, and impair America’s technology progress
  • Net neutrality would interfere with the Internet’s consensus and universal acceptance
  • Net neutrality would discriminate against network innovation for ecommerce innovation
  • Non-discrimination in a competitive market would promote an indiscriminate Internet

Click here for the full letter.