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Google's poodle -- is leading the privacy protest against Facebook -- which spurned Google...

The New York Times reports today in "Facebook Users Protest Online Tracking" that set up the online petition protesting Facebook's new program that automatically tells your 'friends" what you just bought online.

  • I personally sympathize with users who want to guard their privacy -- which is not easy with the new Facebook program.

However, the reason I am blogging on this development is to spotlight the interesting connection here and also's "situational ethics."

Let's connect some key dots:

  • Google is a major donor/funder of -- to set up and run the apparatus to promote net neutrality (SaveTheInternet, FreePress etc.).
  • Google recently defended and protected when Google denied U.S. Senator Collins the right to advertise to defend herself from attacks.  (See my Googlegate post.)
  • leads the privacy attack on Facebook shortly after Google lost out to Microsoft in establishing an online advertising relationship with Facebook. 
  • has been completely silent on the privacy issues raised by privacy and consumer groups concerning the privacy risks of the Google-DoubleClick merger, which EPIC, the Center for Digital Democracy, and USPIRG consider one of the most important privacy issues pending today. loves to attack others (like me) for being corporate shills -- when it is increasingly obvious that they are Google's main shill.

  • On second thought, I guess could rationalize that Google isn't really a corporation or business -- they are more of a "not-evil-movement-of-openism" that just happens to be in the commercial space and just by coincidence earns a profit. and Google's joint hypocrisy is shameless.