New Senate NN Draft

I am encouraged Chairman Stevens new third draft has focused on a consumer-oriented net neutrality compromise more in line with the light touch in the House approach. The ecommerce giants have consistently pushed for a producer-oriented approach which is designed to protect themselves from more competition while doing little for the consumer. Chairman Stevens gets it.

My view continues to be that the legislation should not mention net nuetrality at all becuase any mention of it leaves future heavy handed regulators an opening for Big Govenment regulation and micromanagment of the Internet.
However, as a realist, compromise is the essence of Washington. I believe House Chairman Barton and Senate Chairman Stevens have proven they understand the net neutrality issue and are committed to ensuring that any net neutrality compromise does not provide the FCC with an potential opening to regulate the Internet. The devil is always in the details, so we need to be very focused that the language does not have any unintended consequences.