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This is a spectrum auction Google not a policy auction! No to "OPEN Sesame!

Anyone who hasn't read Google's letter to the FCC today  on the 700 MHz auction -- you have to -- its an absolute hoot! 

  • I am amazed that a company so rich and successful in business could be so arrogant, impolitic, and ham-handed in Washington!  

First Google, despite what you may think, the US Government and FCC policy is not "for sale."  (And even if you think it is, at least try to be less obvious about your cynicism in public.)

  • Does Google actually think "committing" to a minimum bid of $4.6B in the 700 MHz auction in return for its demands for a change in the 1993 auction law is somehow acceptable behavior for a publicly-traded company?
    • Google is crassly and ham-handedly saying that their opening bid to effectively "buy" FCC policy starts at $4.6B!
    • Hello Google! You "bid" at the spectrum auction not at the FCC for policy favors. One type of "bidding" is perfectly legal the other is not.
  • As only dotcom billionaires can do, Google is disrespecting the FCC as just another type of "hired help" where it just needs to negotiate their "price."
    • Any supporters of Google should be mortified at Google's disrespect for, and cheapening of the FCC policy process. Google should be ashamed and embarassed by this crass letter and tactic.  
      • (It seems that Google is so used to buying off content providers that sue them for IP theft with "revenue sharing arrangements" that they seem to think they can buy-off whomever they want.)   

Second, the demand in their letter oozes with arrogance. Let's parse the final and operative sentence of Google's letter to see just how arrogant.

  • "We hereby inform you that,"
    • (Sounds like Google thinks THEY are the government not the FCC)
  • "...should the Commission expressly adopt the four conditions requested in our July 9th letter --"
    •  (translation: should the government do exactly everything Google wants with no modifications)
  • "...with specific, enforceable, and enduring rules"
    • (translation: with very detailed, guaranteed new regulations that will last forever)
  • "...Google intends to commit a minimum of $4.6 billion to bidding in the upcoming auction."
    • (Translation: Google will bless the Government with the priviledge of dealing with such a rich company that can afford to make such an awe-inspiring committment of resources.)
  • I can see the FCC people now thinking who do these Google guys think they are? and what horse did they ride in on?

Third, I also find it comical that so called businessmen at Google would show their opening bid publicly.

  • It makes me think of the old adage that when you look around the poker table and you can't spot the sucker, its you!
  • Hey Google, how about telling us what what the maximum amount you are willing to bid, so if we can tell if you are really serious about winning the auction or just doing a "bait and switch" to get your policy rules?

 Lastly, I am also amazed that Google thinks the FCC has the authority to rewrite core telecom law and apply the Telecom Act unbundling requirements of section 252(c)(2) to mobile carriers!

  • Google, don't you think if Congress wanted to change the 1993 law for mobile carriers in the 1996 Telecom Act they would have done so themselves?
  • Isn't it a teensy weensy bit arrogant to expect the FCC to rewrite the 1993 and 1996 laws to accomodate Google's business model for a $4.6 billion committment? 

It appears as if Google now thinks that its rebranding of net neutrality with the word "Open" is like the magic phrase of fictional Ali Baba who said "Open Sesame" to open the mouth of the cave that held the forty theives treasure.

Google must think saying "OPEN sesame!" are the magic words to plunder others businesses.