This is the opposition?

"I don't know anything" 
"These people are bad people"
"I like winning" 
"Vilifying Mike McCurry is really important"

These quotes are taken straight from Matt Stoller's speech on net neutrality at this past weekend's Yearly Kos convention in Vegas. Don't believe me? Check out the video.

So Matt's has been blogging nearly every day on an issue that he openly admits he doesn't understand all in the hopes of scoring political points and mobilizing the Democratic base. Why even bother with a debate focused on the issues, when the other side just wants to "vilify" and "win".

No wonder their so called "grassroots" effort fell flat when it was time for a vote in the House. If they were so effective in grassroots why did Net neutrality lose resoundingingly 269-152 with 58 Democrats voting against NN?  Could it be that the only people who really care about this issue are Matt's friends here in DC? If you look at Google Trends data, it sure doesn't look like a national groundswell of support.

I started NETCompetition to have a real and principled debate about the future of the Internet and will continue to do so. I also think it helps to try and understand what it is one is talking about.