President candidate Huckabee blindsided on net neutrality

Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was reported on a blog to have "supported" net neutrality in a conference call with bloggers.

  • Don't believe this is his "official" policy position for a minute.
  • When conservative Mike Huckabee learns both sides of this issue and is not blindsided on a conference call on a subject he was unfamiliar with, and which was then grossly mispresented, I am convinced he will not "support" net neutrality.
      • No legitimate economic conservative like Mike Huckabee, who wants to radically downsize the Federal Government, will support a Big Government program to regulate the Internet for the first time.
      • He clearly was not at all familiar with the issue nor that nearly all the biggest funding supporters of net neutrality are liberal groups like who believe in digital socialism and radically reducing intellectual property rights on the web.
      • When Mike Huckabee's campaign staff research this issue, (we recommend they read the one pagers at the top right hand side of the website) there is no way he will support net neutrality as part of his official campaign.
      • It would be totally inconguous with his other limited Government views.
      • The last thing conservative Mr. Huckabee would want is to put the current "free and open" Internet under Government control.
      • Not gonna happen.

This is another in a long line of supposed "endorsements" of net neutrality that result from NN proponents consistent misrepresentation of the facts and gross use of unsubstantiated allegations of a problem.

Here is the offending excerpt from the blog post from the "Republican Race for 2008" that I am responding to. 

  • "The other big question of the day was some what of a surprise. Kevin Tracy of asked Gov. Huckabee what his opinions were on legislation that would destroy "Net Neutrality" and give ISP's such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verison the power to pick and choose how website are viewed and at what speeds. (I still am not well rounded on this subject, however I encourage you to visit for further information.)
    Gov. Huckabee was unfamiliar with the issue, as most of us are, but after a brief explanation by Kevin he quickly took a stand that Net Neutrality must be preserved.

I look forward to the follow up on this issue when the Governor has had time to get informed on the issue in a fair and balanced way.