Network Neutrality? Welcome to the stupid Internet

There is a must read op-ed in today’s San Jose Mercury News by Tom Giovanetti. The article, Network Neutrality? Welcome to the stupid Internet does a very good job explaining why net neutrality regulation is obsolete and is an attempt by companies like Google to limit competition.

“What's really going on is that major content companies like Google, Yahoo, eBay and want to use the strong arm of government to lock in the certainty of their existing business models. And they've enlisted an army of anti-corporate activists to stir up a frenzy in the name of ``saving the Internet.''

But government should be about fostering a dynamic and risk-taking economy, not preserving the certainty of anyone's business models. Net neutrality regulations would severely restrict broadband providers' right to enter into contracts and to try new business models while protecting the business models of Google and eBay.”