Net neutrality: shaking the election-year money tree

It's becoming increasingly obvious that the net neutrality movement is not about policy substance, reality, or building a political consensus, but simply election-year opportunism.

The net neutrality fear-mongering and woeful lack of policy substance belie that the soul of the net neutrality movement is really about generating on-line political donations for the mid-term elections and the 2008 presidential election.
What better way is there to cheaply agitate potential online donors than sending them lots of free scary emails that the Internet is about to be ruined and that there are greedy lobbyists in Washington that want to make the Internet only for the rich.
The net neutrality political fear-mongering is so inaccurate, misleading and extreme, that the only logical motive that makes sense of it, is that it is not about actually achieving  net neutrality, but about agitating activists and potential online donors to open up their checkbooks wide for the mid-term elections.