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Moyers on America: The Net @ Risk" could not be more abashedly biased

Watching the nine minute preview of "Moyers on America" "The Net @ Risk" I was struck with how unabashedly biased they were is presenting only one side of the net Neutrality debate. This was a new low in media bias on the issue.

  • In the nine minutes of preview that is available online, I counted a full eight minutes and forty five seconds that were devoted to regurgitating the views of FIVE of the most ardent net neutrality proponents like: Tim Wu, Ed Markey and Earl Comstock, while the anti-net neutrality side got ONE person that was relegated to a measly 15 seconds of air time -- House Chairman Fred Upton.
  • In the interests of fair representation, the show should have a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that it is a paid infomercial for and

It is supremely ironic that this show waxes eloquently about how net neutrality is important to democracy and free speech, yet Mr. Moyers and his production team make no attempt to democratically or freely present both sides of the issue. Where have ethics and professional standards in journalism gone?

This show is part of a clear pattern, that net neutrality proponents seek out undiscerning, fawning and intellectually lazy forums (i.e. Newsweek) where they can frame and discuss the issue unchallenged.

  • It is clear net neutrality proponents are afraid to discuss and debate the merits or the evidence supporting their position in the mainstream media.

Net Neutrality proponents claim to support free and democratic discourse in the abstract, but in real world practice, they have no patience or tolerance of an opposing point of view. The real reason for this subterfuge? Net neutrality is a BOGUS issue. There is very little there, there. Net neutrality is unsubstantiated allegations, and broad assertions with virtually no intellectual heft or merit behind it.