CNET debate thread #9 -- Is CNET living its corporate values?

It says in CNET’s vision statement that CNET “is a different kind of media company.” I trust that does not mean a different code of journalistic ethics and fairness than is standard in the industry.

In CNET’s corporate values statement under “Trust” it says: “We have no agenda other than to help people learn and find great solutions.”

Why oppose a fair and balanced debate on net neutrality that would help people learn? Wouldn’t that communicate that CNET has “no other agenda than to help people learn and find great solutions?” Or should CNET be listed as a supporter in the Net Neutrality coalition?

If you are still reading, it’s day 19 of the CNET “equal time” held hostage.

Molly it seems as if you are already tiring of this mini comment-fest. While I thank you for responding a few times in the most limited forum you could choose, the people who have commented would agree it is a real hassle trying to navigate the CNET comment process. Pretty awkward and controlled debate if you ask me.

Why are you as “Executive Editor” of CNET unwilling or unable to allow me to do a guest column on why NN is such a bad policy? Or why not agree to a podcast of a live debate on this topic? Don’t you trust your subscribers with more information or both sides of an argument?