Please enjoy our new flash video: A Royal Fable

We thought the time was ripe to produce another flash video on net neutrality, because they are such a fun and effective way to communicate what is really going on in this net neutrality debate. 

When the dominant online giants: Google, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, and IAC, first funded and named "," their pro-net neutrality lobbying coalition, we needled them here for their "Freudian Slip"  in claiming they "owned" the Internet. We suggested to them that it might be more forthright and neutral to "share" ownership of the Internet with the rest of America and rename their coalition: Alas they did not take our advice.

Thus, we thought their elitist sense of Internet ownership and entitlement was worthy of a new flash video.

We can see what has happened. The online realms of Google, Microsoft, eBay and Yahoo, with their 80-90% gross margins and their dominant market shares have naturally grown to believe the Internet is "theirs." Like royalty, they believe they are "entitled" to dynastic ownership of their online realms for perpetuity, and shouldn't have to stoop so low as to have to compete to keep it. 

How dare anyone ask the royal Internet companies, who use and benefit from the Internet the most, to help pay for some of its upgrade! Their response is "let the consumer pay!"  Their "royal" edict is clear: "Royalty" doesn't have to pay, royalty gets paid.   

We hope you enjoy our little royal fable.

Netcompetition's first flash video has been seen over 2500 times on, and our "welfare for billionaires" idea, was headlined in this interesting June 14th Wall Street Journal story on the net neutrality debate.