Googleman: Congress needs a comic book!

Kid you not, Google's Vint Cerf in his debate today actually ruminated on the need to create a comic book to educate Congress on the Internet and net neutrality. He also played to the elites in the audience, by giving veiled instructions to a questioner to google "Stevens" and "tubes." Mr. Cerf apparently is not shy about telling a room full of press that he and his colleagues do not have a very high opinion of the mental aptitude of our national legislators.

It is common tactic for elitists to question the inteligence of those who disagree with them, that way they don't have to consider that the other side may have made a better case.   

While I am not surprised that Mr. Cerf has an elitist view about what's best for the country, I was surprised that he would be so open in his contempt for the intelligence of legislators to openly suggest that they need an eighth-grade-like "comic book" with pictures and dialogue, to understand the Internet and net neutrality. (Senators and Representative vote weekly on issues more difficult to understand than the Internet and net neutrality regulation.)   

I can see the cover of Google's comic book now. A "Richie Rich" dotcom billionaire character apologizing to a politician: "Sorry Sir for Googleman's insult of your intelligence."