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Where is Public Knowledge on Google's Call Blocking?

Just a year ago, Public Knowledge wrote a letter to the FCC in strong opposition to long distance carriers blocking phone calls from "traffic pumping" sites that the carriers alleged were fraudulently gaming/arbitraging the access charge subsidy system. 

  • ("Traffic pumping" is a regulatory arbitrage scheme where some rural carriers offer specialty-websites in order to bring basically one-way traffic to an access charge financial system designed for two-way offsetting traffic. The effect is that the rural carrier/specialty-site effectively turns the carriers into a one-way ATM machine where they can take money out of the system without having to put any in.)  

Now that Google is alleged to be doing the same thing that the FCC and Public Knowledge said carriers could not do, i.e. blocking calls to these same sites, where is Public Knowledge in objecting?

  • If Public Knowledge's views are principled and truly based on forwarding the public interest, it should be only a matter of time that Public Knowledge formally and strongly objects to the FCC in writing -- for Google doing the same thing that Public Knowledge strongly objected to when carriers did it.
  • Principle is principle.