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Wash Post gets net neutrality regs are UNJUSTIFIED -- Must read: "The FCC's Heavy Hand"

The FCC Chairman's proposed preemptive net neutrality/open Internet regulations are unjustified.

  • That's the thrust of an excellent Washington Post lead editorial today entitled: "The FCC's Heavy Hand: Federal regulators should not be telling Internet service providers how to run their businesses."

Kudos to the Post for great clarity of thought in getting right to the crux of the problem with the proposed regulations in asking the simple bottom line question: "Is this intervention necessary?"

  • The editorial put a bright spotlight on an embarassing vulnerability of these proposed regulations -- that they obviously are unjustified on their face.

The Post is also dead on in exposing the severity and intrusiveness of the intervention that the FCC Chairman is proposing, despite assurances to the contrary.

  • "In short, ISPs, which have poured billions of dollars into building infrastructure, would have little control -- if any -- over the kinds of information and technology flowing through their pipes."

Lastly, the editorial belies the FCC Chairman's claim that the FCC won't overreach, by accurately calling the proposed regs for what they truly are: "attempts to micromanage what has been a vibrant and well-functioning marketplace."

Simply, the old adage is true here: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."