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The Floundering Net Neutrality Movement

The FreePress-led movement calling for net neutrality is floundering badly, like a fish out of water.

  • If FreePress' net neutrality/Title II agenda was as politically popular and powerful a political movement as FreePress has long represented it to be, we would be seeing evidence of that in this most political of seasons, a week before the mid-term elections.

The reason we now see near zero political support for FreePress' net neutrality/Title II radical agenda, is that FreePress' supposed "popular support" never existed at all; it was just a clever FreePress PR facade of "support" propped up by friends in the media and the blogosphere.

To understand the hubris of FreePress' chicanery, they never had material political support from even their most likely supporters.

  • A little known fact and one that FreePress would like to remain little known, was that even their fellow radicals at did not think net neutrality was an important political priority.
  • In a poll of members at the beginning of 2009, net neutrality did not even make it into the top ten goals for 2009, and the tenth goal on the list only had the support of 5.7% of members who responded.
  • If net neutrality is not even a high priority for FreePress' closest radical allies, it is obvious that it would be an even lower priority, or not even a priority at all, for the rest of the population.

Seldom have so few fooled so many that their issue had popular support.