Questions for Google on its Latest Act of Privacide -- Part XXI Privacy vs. Publicacy series

Google's latest privacy-killing act of privacide is "Google's roving Street View spycam," which is not only taking pictures, but is also scanning to log WiFi network addresses and unique Media Access Control (Mac)addresses per Andrew Orlowski's excellent scoop at the Register.

Privacide Questions for Google:

  1. Why not be open about Google's Street View's wireless surveilance and reconnaissance? Why be so secret? Is Google afraid people/governments would object?
  2. Does Google have any other antennae that are recording voices or other sounds via the Street View spycams?
  3. What other information is Google recording, surveiling, and capturing that Google is not telling us about?
  4. What legitimate business purpose is there for this latest clandestine surveilance and information capture?
  5. Is this type of surveilance information gathering shared or subpoena-able with spy agencies (NSA) or law enforcement? If yes, why is an American company doing this on foreign citizens? 
  6. Is there any type of information surveilance/collection that may be appropriate for an American company with American citizens in American jurisdiction, that is not appropriate with foreign citizens, or in a foreign jurisdiction?
  7. Is anyone else doing this with comparable scale to Google?
  8. Where is the privacy line for Google that it will not cross and why? Does Google believe it should intrude on people's privacy up and to the point where they object?
  9. Who at Google authorized this? Or was this just an organic bottom-up outgrowth of Google's innovation-without-permission culture?  
  10. What supervision and internal controls are there to protect this private information from abuse?

Question for Privacy Authorities:

  •  How often, deep, and broadly does Google have to push beyond privacy norms, expectations, regulations and laws... before privacy authorities act?


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