Important questions for Senator Clinton on NN

Senator Hilary Clinton is now lobbying her colleagues in the Senate to join in co-sponsoring the Clinton-Snowe-Dorgan Net Neutrality bill:

As the most likely Democratic nominee for President in 2008, it is relevant to ask:

  • Does Senator Clinton have a vision for a “Socialized-Internet” like the socialized-medicine vision she championed while being health-care-reform czar in her Husband’s Administration? Would she be a regulatory, Big-Government, Old Democrat or a New Democrat that believes competition and market forces are essential for economic growth and job creation?
  • Would she rely on her husband’s and Al Gore’s crack team of elite Harvard and Yale telecom policy experts, like former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and his staff, to do for the Internet what they did for the CLEC and fiber backbone markets -- where their policy of picking technologies and market winners and losers substantially contributed to the disastrous fiber and CLEC market bubbles that cost Americans over one trillion dollars?
  • Would she adopt the actual Clinton-Snowe-Dorgan net neutrality language which would define and regulate Internet users for the first time? In other words, does she believe the best way to protect the average American’s Internet “freedoms” is having the Federal government regulate average American’s internet use for the first time?