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Google's credibility on privacy falls further

Google has reportedly signed onto the new Global Network Initiative, where it supposedly agrees that privacy is "a human right and guarantor of human dignity."

How does Google square this new high-minded assertion with its abysmal track record on privacy?

  • Privacy International ranked Google worst in its world ranking on privacy and declared Google "hostile to privacy."
  • One World Trust ranked Google worst in its world survey on accountability.
  • For months, Google resisted compliance with California law requiring a privacy policy be available to consumers on its homepage.
  • Google is engaged in systematic unauthorized tracking of its users despite a Consumer Reports poll from 9-25-08 which found that:
    •  93% of Americans think Internet companies should always ask for permission before using personal information;
      • However, Google does not ask for permission and it routinely collects more personal information on users than any company in the world.
    • 61% of Americans are confident that what they do online is private and not shared without their permission;
      • Unfortunately they are flat wrong when it comes to Google.

Bottom line:

Google continues to give lip service to privacy but the facts remain, Google is the single biggest threat to Americans' privacy.

  • Words are cheap (unless you buy them at a Google auction) and actions speak louder than words.
  • If Google genuinely believes that privacy is "a human right and guarantor of human dignity" Google should act like it.