Google's Anti-Conservative Values -- CPAC 2015 Google Panel

I was asked to speak at CPAC 2015 on a February 28thpanel at National Harbor on Google entitled: “The United States of Google: Big Brother & Big Data” with Seton Motley of Less Government and Erik Telford of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

My power point presentation, “Google’s Anti-Conservative Values,” for the first time contrasted the traditional conservative values of the American Conservative Union with Google’s values.

Below is an outline of my remarks:

Google Has Anti-Conservative Values

  • Google’s concept of liberty is different than conservatives’
  • Google’s hostile to constitutional rule of law & the free market pillar of enforceable property rights 
  • Google is hostile to traditional values in rejecting the Golden Rule and in turning a blind eye to evil

Google is Big Brother Inc.

  • Why Google is Big Brother Inc.
  • Google surveils online more universally than the NSA
  • GoogleNet is a budding physical surveillance network

Google is ‘Biggest Data’ – No One Else Collects More

  • 43 Ways Google is #1 in the world in private data collection

Please see the full power point -- here.