Google: The Supreme Information Authority

Google's mission to organize the world's information also increasingly makes Google the World's self-appointed Supreme Information Authority. When politics, facts, science, whatever... are in dispute... Google's engineers and secret algorithms will provide the world with the answer, the "truth." 

Who needs a society of Cartographers when there literally is:

  • "The World According to Google."
    • See Google's latest post to see where Google is taking the world's information and the world's boundaries.  

The big implication of all this is why will there need to be any non-Google input into how the world's information is organized when Google's all-knowing engineering elite can much more efficiently decide for us all?

  • Information may be power, but Google assures the world that Google, would never would take sides on any type of information dispute... or could they?
  • Wait a minute isn't a ranking implicitly taking sides on what is the best information and what is not?
  • The subtext here is don't get on the wrong side of Google, or your information may get sent to "the back of the arena," as one Google Sr. VP so aptly put it in a prominent Google blog post.