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FCC's Net Regs in Conflict with President's Pledges

The FCC's Open Internet order should be ripe for review and "fixing" given President Obama's pledge in his SOTU speech last night:

  • "To reduce barriers to growth and investment, I've ordered a review of government regulations. When we find rules that put an unnecessary burden on business, we will fix them."

Clearly the FCC's preemptive bans, restrictions and economic/price regulation of competitive broadband providers based on scant and weak evidence of any real problem to solve, obviously place "an unnecessary burden on business" and the Administration should "fix them."

As I explained in my previous detailed post: "Why FCC's Net Regs Need Administration/Congressional Regulatory Review," the FCC's Open Internet order violates the President's pledge for regulations to:

  • Not be "outdated;"
  • Not be "Excessive, inconsistent and redundant;"
  • "Strike the right balance;" and
  • Have benefits that outweigh costs.

In sum, in President Obama's SOTU, he declared "our free enterprise system is what drives innovation."

  • The FCC's Open Internet order is in direct conflict with that philosophy statement in that the FCC posits that FCC's Open Internet regulations are necessary to promote innovation... and also the FCC's new goal found nowhere in law -- to promote "innovation without permission," which alarmingly implies that the FCC condones inventors disregarding the permission of users to use their private information and the permission of property owners to use their property.