Excellent Wall Street Journal Editorial: "FCC.Politics.gov"

The Wall Street Journal's editorial writers totally get the net neutrality issue.

  • Be sure to read their excellent editorialFCC.politics.gov.

They understand net neutrality is all about:

  • Regulating the Internet;
  • An industrial policy pushed by high-tech rivals Google and pro-regulation groups like Moveon.org and FreePress; and
  • A slippery slope towards government intervention and political mischief.

They were also dead on in understanding that no good deed goes unpunished in Washington -- i.e. the FCC majority is concluding that it is not reasonable for Comcast to deliver quality of service for most all its customers by minorly affecting the available speeds of bandwidth hogs when they congest the network. Unbelievable.

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal's strong defense of free markets and the free-market Internet.