EU-Google Antitrust Primer -- Top Ten Questions & Answers

In preparation for the EU antitrust authorities likely Statement of Objections against Google, Precursor has assembled a primer that answers the top-ten most likely and important questions many will have about the EU's action. Please see the primer here.

Top 10 EU-Google Antitrust Questions & Answers


  1. What’s the EU’s Antitrust Problem with Google? (In their own words.)
  2. How Can One Explain the Google Antitrust Problem to a Non-Expert?
  3. Why Isn’t Competition “One Click Away?” (graphic)
  4. How Did Google Become a Monopoly? (graphic)
  5. Why Does Google Have a Search Advertising Monopoly? (graphic)
  6. What Makes Google’s Monopoly Lasting? (graphic)
  7. Is Google’s Dominance Spreading? (graphic)
  8. How Bad is Google’s Antitrust Record Overall? (graphic)
  9. What is Google’s Monopolization Strategy?
  10. How are Consumers and Innovation Harmed by Google?