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Clueless Goobris

Google is a munificent Internet ruler to allow a "handful" of "clueful" people to work outside of Google.     

IDG reports in the article "Google resists in hiring some industry stars" that:

  • "Google holds back from hiring some people it believes are doing good work because it's better for the Internet industry not to concentrate too much talent in one place.
  • Bradley Horowitz, a Google VP, told the Supernova conference:
    • "Recently I was having a discussion with an engineer at Google, and I pointed out a handful of people that I thought were clueful in the industry, and I proposed perhaps we should hire these people," Horowitz said. "He said that these people were actually important to have outside of Google. ... It's better for the ecosystem to have an honest industry as opposed to aggregating all this talent at Google."

The clueless Goobris implications here are that:

  • All but a "handful" of the world's "clueful" people already work at Google;
  • The Internet ecosystem needs some "clueful" people in order to keep Google honest; and
  • Most all of the Internet ecosystem's talent works at Google.   
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