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Unleashed: Transcript of Griffin/Cleland talk on Google, net neutrality, monopolies, click fraud, privacy

For those who like the written format, here is the link to the transcript of Chip Griffin's interview of me on all things Google.

This interview turned out to be one of the most comprehensive and in-depth discussions I have had on all things Google -- that's been captured for web listening or reading.

We discussed:

  • What's my concern with Google?
  • Where is Google abusing its power?
  • What are they doing today that exhibits their power?
  • Why aren't Google complaints just sour grapes?
  • What's the solution?
  • What's your stance and involvement in Net neutrality debate?
  • What about the threat to innovation from metered pricing?
  • Is net neutrality price controls?
  • What about a Google-Yahoo deal?
  • What about Google's refusal to take down known terrorist content?
  • What's Google's objection to taking down Al Queda content?
  • Isn't Google a guardian of privacy?
  • Why do you focus so much on Google?


I mentioned three web links in my discussion.