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Red State documents disturbing LessiGoogle "discrimination/bias" against Christians

Anyone who considers themselves religious should read Red State's illuminating and shocking post, which documents an anti-Christian discriminatory bias by Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig and his extremely close ally -- Google.

WARNING: Christians will find the one-minute-fifty-second video that Mr. Lessig shows to a laughing Google audience, sacrilegious, offensive, and disturbing.  

What is also disturbing is the Red State's documentation of, and links to, Google's censorship of Pro-Life content, here and here, all the while:

  • Google supposedly supports net neutrality -- the Free speech "First Amendment of the Internet;" and 
  • Google-backed third parties attacked and made a Federal case  out of Verizon's immediately-admitted-mistake in denying a texting shortcode to the Pro-Choice group NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League.


  • Google's double standard here is indefensible and shameless.
  • Apparently Google's heralded "don't be evil" part of its code of conduct -- is just "a relative standard" when it comes to its treatment of Christians, religion and free speech.