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More evidence undermining Google's claim that net neutrality should not apply to Google

Only Google, which never met a self-serving, double-standard that it did not embrace, could overtly enter the business of selling network capacity and bandwidth to the public like broadband providers do, and still oppose net neutrality for themselves. (See my previous post where Google's Board recently recommended that shareholders vote against applying net neutrality to Google.)

On April 7th, Google had a press announcement: "Previewing Google App engine: run your apps on Google's infrastructure" (which was also picked up in a story by the Wall Street Journal). In that Google press annoucement, Google it made clear that it was going to sell network bandwidth to developers:

  • "The preview release of Google App Engine is limited to the first 10,000 developers that sign up, all of whom will be restricted to the free quota of 500MB of storage and enough CPU and network bandwidth to sustain around 5 million page views per month for a typical app. The preview phase is intended to gather feedback from developers. Eventually, developers will be able to purchase additional storage and bandwidth." [bold added]

Can any of the Google-defenders that regularly read this blog, and there are lots, please explain to me in a comment, how Google selling network capacity and network bandwidth to developers does not put Google clearly in the network or broadband business --competing directly with all the network providers, which Google has been lobbying furiously to apply network neutrality regulations to?

  • Google has always said that it was supporting net neutrality to promote innovation and enable "the next Google" and to preserve free speech on the Internet -- but now it looks a whole lot like corporate welfare and a request for special treatment/favors from the Federal Government.
    • Oh I guess when a Federal government agency like NASA cuts an unprecedented special deal for Google in letting Google's founders park their 737 jet, (which the Google CEO called Google's "party plane") at a NASA hanger only seven miles from Google headquarters to shorten the Google co-founders commute to work...
      • ...maybe the U.S. government is encouraging and rewarding this expectation from Google for special Federal treatment and corporate welfare.
      • May be its not Google's fault at all for having such spoiled high expectations... maybe its the fault of lenient government oversight that lets billionaires do and get whatever they want from the Federal govenment...
      • That's it! I have too hard on Google all this time; they can't help acting like a spoiled demanding child, that's just the way the government has raised them... It's not their fault! they really are good kids at heart...