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Another glaring example of Google not being "open" with its harmed users -- GrandCentral's outage

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has a great post about when Google's GrandCentral's phone company went down the morning of April 13th, Google users were left completely in the dark and not told anything on Google's website of when they could expect their phone service to return.

  • TechCrunch: "If Google wants users to take the service seriously in the future, they should make some kind of announcement on their main blog letting users know what happened and when they can expect the service to be back."
    • As yo can see from the update -- users got no information until GrandCentral's CEO got off the slopes. Wasn't anyone else at Google on the job that day? 
  • This is another glaring example of how Google in fact does not work for users -- so it can get away with treating them like mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and feeding them manure.
    • Does anyone else see the pattern here -- when it comes to how Google routinely ignores the interests/concerns of its users? I have harped on this obvious conflict-of-interest in three posts recently, here, here, here, about how Google is not giving its users the common courtesy of alerting them to their dramatic increased vulnerability to identity theft and fraud due to cyber-attacks on Google's search engine, Orkut social networking service, or Google Calendar.
      • My theory, which continues to be reinforced with real world evidence like this GrandCentral phone fiasco, is that Google has a massive undisclosed financial conflict-of-interest, in that it does not work for users, but websites and advertisers. 

Not only is Google legendary in its hypocrisy on "openness," (being the most notorious "black-box" of a company that is anything but open to outsiders), but Google also has the unmitigated gall to fund a big net neutrality political lobbying campaign to demonize broadband companies for not looking out for consumers, when it is the broadband industry that works directly for consumers and is highly responsive to consumer concerns, and not Google!

  • That Google really cares about its users is one of the biggest scams Google has going. 
    • Where is Google's customer service? 
    • Where are Google's consumer alerts that they are in personal danger from cyber-crooks piggybacking Google's applications to attack Google's unsuspecting users? 
    • Where is Google upfront disclosure or opt-in/opt-out option that they track users' click behavior accross the web and sell users privacy to the highest bidder?