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Why isn't Google more "open" with investors?

I must admit I have been amused watching the market's angst over trying to figure out if Google's growth is slowing down given that Comscore has reported that paid clicks have fallen 3% from January to February of this year.

First, I am amused because Comscore also showed that Google gained market share during that same period from 59.2% from 58.5%. 

  • I think many are missing the forest for the trees obsessing over the click volume stats from Comscore.
    • Google continues to gain market share -- tipping their awesome monetization model towards even more dominance of online advertising; Google is improving its focus to increase the monetization yield from each search; and Google now has the incredible cross-marketing leverage and network effects that Double-Click affords.
    • And per the WSJ article, Google also has low performance expectations to exceed as analysts are only projecting 24% growth in earnings and only 43% increase in revenues. 
      • Given that Google grew revenues at a torrid 51% rate last quarter when it missed expectations, this suggests that analyst expectations are projecting a 15% quarter to quarter deceleration in revenue growth!
      • Hello, clicks are decelerating much less than that, if they matter much at all. 
      • Looks to me like a whole lot of over-reactive hand-wringing on the revenue side for next quarter.
      • Now on the earnings side, there is legitimate angst about whether the Google empire-builders and chronic overspenders continue to spend most whatever they collect. 

Second, I am amused because Google declines to comment as a company on the Comscore/click deceleration concern and provides "zero guidance" to the market per Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker, who is known as the "Queen of the Internet." 

  • Isn't it ironic that a company like Google which is obsessed with "openness" is not more open with its shareholders? 
  • Google loves OPENNESS! 
    • So why does Google have such a hard time being open with investors in answering fundamental concerns about their business and providing the most basic form of forward-looking investment guidance?