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Google Board recommmends against applying Net Neutrality to Google

Per Reuters, Google's board is recommending that its investors vote against a shareholder proposal from the New York City Employee Retirement System that asks Google to commit to abiding by Net Neutrality.

  • Why would Google, which avidly supports:
    • All pending net neutrality legislation in Congress;
    • the Save the Internet and Open Internet coalitions which were created to promote net neutrality;
    • Open access/Net neutrality rules for wireless in the FCC's 700 MHz auction;
      • oppose living by the same rules as it wishes to apply to its competitors?
  • Why would Google avidly support the FCC's net neutrality principles, which explicitly apply to: "network providers, application and service providers, and content providers", but not agree to apply them to Google itself? 

Bottom line Questions:

  • Could it be that Google's support of net neutrality is not a principled stance?
  • Could it be that Google has a self-serving policy double standard in order to gain competitive advantage for itself and to impede potential application competition from the broadband sector?
  • Could it be that Google knows that it can not pursue it's cloud computing innovation plans if it has to abide by net neutrality because cloud computing requires prioritization and scheduling of computing tasks which is precisely what net neutrality prevents?