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Yahoo-Google "dis" Microsoft in OpenSocial hug -- the real reason for the new alliance

Apparently, Yahoo is trying to douse itself with some "Microsoft-repellant" in joining Google's OpenSocial allance and forming a non-profit OpenSocial Foundation with Google and MySpace.

While Yahoo's OpenSocial press release never mentioned Microsoft, the impetus for this change of heart by Yahoo was clearly a way to "dis" Microsoft and make Yahoo marginally less attractive to Microsoft.

There is always a back story or a hidden reason behind every new strategic alliance.

  • In this case, aligning with Google in OpenSocial was a cute form of civil disobedience against the Microsoft buyout offer that has just enough "plausible deniability" to not get Yahoo's board in trouble with big shareholders of Yahoo who don't appreciate Yahoo's unwillingness to maximize Yahoo's shareholder value.   
  • Yahoo can plausibly say, this new alliance has nothing to do with Microsoft, when its clear from the sequence of events -- it has a whole lot to do with the Microsoft bid.