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Where's the outrage over Google-YouTube's free speech double standard?

Kudos to Warner Todd Huston for picking up on the outrageous free-speech double standard: "Google-YouTube Yanks Pro-Life Video, Allows Planned Parenthood Vids" that cpicked up on the Catholic News Agency's story that "American Life League video yanked by YouTube."

  • The hypocritical double standard here is doubled:
    • Google censors pro-life videos, but not pro-choice videos containing some of the exact same material, with no explanation or justification of this blatant content discrimination based on political views; and
    • Google's advocacy groups make a scene whenever an ISP is alleged to have violated free speech but they go underground and hide when their primary corporate patron and advocacy ally Google is alleged to have violated free speech.  
      • Two. Two. Two hypocrisies for the price of one!

It is the height of irony and hypocrisy that the House Judiciary Committee is having a hearing on "Net Neutrality and free speech on the Internet" Tuesday March 11th and there hasn't been a peep of concern or outrage from all the net neutrality/freespeech proponents, the marauding pack of so-called public/Google advocates that I affectionately refer to as "Googles Poodles." 

Where is the free speech outrage from all the groups that jumped all over Verizon's short-code admitted mistake for briefly and mistakenly denying a short-code to NARAL a pro-abortion group?

  • Isn't one of the hall marks of protecting free speech is that one stands up for the free speech rights of those whose message one might not agree with?
  • Could it be that these groups had a hidden agenda to bash Verizon or to promote net neutrality regulation of Verizon and other ISPs but not apply net neutrality to the dominant Internet search access provider Google which has more than double the market share and dominance of any ISP? 

Where is the outrage or support for Free Speech from:

If net neutrality is truly the "First Amendment of the Internet" like they claim it to be, if free speech is so important to jump on any ISP for any alleged free speech infraction, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast -- why is their no comment and looking the other way when Google-YouTube censors pro-life free speech?

  • The answer is obvious. Net neutrality is not about free speech.
  • It is about manipulating the political process to advance an "information commons" policy agenda, that can't succeed if they are truly "open" about its communalist "socialized Internet" philosophy.