You are here busted for not practicing what it preaches at Politics Online conference, through its FreePress/SaveTheInternet puppets, loves to extol the virtues of grass roots democracy and claim to the press that there is a spontaneous groundswell for their net neutrality views in the "netroots." BALONEY! is a glorified top-down email list of activists, albeit a huge 3 million activist email list -- just like direct mail political organizers before them.

To support this point, I had to share this juicy dead-on insight shared at the Politics Online conference this week, by Personal Democracy Forum founder Andrew Rasiej -- per Washington Internet Daily:

  • "If any group was positioned to challenge the two major parties in Internet history, it was, but strangely the group "didn't want to introduce its members to each other" as a social network, instead simply handing down marching orders, Rasiej said. MoveOn "at least symbolically" checks with its 3.5 million members on what issues to pursue, but it's still run by a handful of people who typically don't query the troops unless they already know the answer, Johnson said."

Remember it was that attacked Facebook, the hot social networking site, when Facebook spurned Google for Microsoft. See my previous post:  "Google's poodle -- is leading the privacy protest against Facebook -- which spurned Google..."

Remember it was that colluded with Google to keep U.S. Senator Collins from running reelction ads after the outrageous General Betray-us ad debacle in the New York Times : "Google bans Senator Collin's ads -- Google's "Free Speech" double standard".

Bottomline: represents itself as being for democracy and encouraging "personal democracy", but it doesn't act that way. It operates just like the hierarchical Big organizations that it claims are anti-democratic. This is just another clear example of's blatant hypocrisy. 

  • It also helps to expose the fraud of netroots support for net neutrality -- all you have to do to track the rise of the net neutrality issue is track's emails over the last couple of years to see that it was most all orchestrated by them through their FreePress/SaveTheInternet puppets.