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More evidence of why a Mobility goal must be part of any "National Broadband Strategy"

CNET highlights new Comscore research that shows that mobile broadband is the fastest growing type of broadband.

  • One would think this hot consumer demand for "mobility" would universally be viewed as a good thing, but it isn't viewed that way by pro-regulation/net neutrality proponents.  
  • They fear rapidly increasing consumer demand for mobile broadband will undermine political support and the rationale for their pro-regulation proposals to regulate and subsidize one primary stationary broadband provider.

Proponents of a new National Broadband Strategy have two huge vulnerabilities:

  • technological bias that American consumers only want fast stationary broadband speed (and not mobility too); and
  • An anti-competition policy bias that the development of broadband competition over the last several years isn't working and can't work.

Those powerful policy biases against:

  • Adding mobility as a national goal in addition to speed in any National Broadband Strategy; and
  • Accepting that broadband competition has been steadily increasing by almost any measure over the last several years;

Bottomline: Fortunately, proponents of more Internet regulation are running against the grass roots consumer appeal of the incredible freedom of mobile broadband access to the Internet and demand for diversity of choice in accessing the Internet.

  • In the end, the pro-regulation crowd loses this debate because they aren't really representing what consumers prove they want every day: mobility freedom and diversity of broadband choices.