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Google humor: "human review trumps technology" in filtering for copyright

I had to stop myself from bursting out laughing when listening to Google-YouTube's product counsel, Mia Garlick, speak on the Internet Caucus panel on "Internet Copyright Filters: Finding the Balance."

  • Google-YouTube's representative said with a straight face: "human review trumps technology" in copyright filtering.  

Let that little quote sink in for a moment.


  • the self-described technology company,
  • the algorithm leader,
  • the company that automates virtually everything internally,
  • the company that is not interested in pursuing businesses or tasks that cannot be automated or condensed to an algorithm,
  • the company that has taken innovation and technology to a new level on the Internet,
  • the company that uses technology for customer service not humans...
    •  is saying that "human review trumps technology"?

If human review of content trumps technology, why doesn't Google rank/filter all the world's content in its search process with human review rather than technology -- if human review is better?

Of course not. This is just one more of Google's long line of double standards, where it promotes one set of more onerous rules or approaches for others, while insisting those same rules should not apply to Google.

  • Lets remember that Google is being sued by many copyright holders.  Viacom is suing Google for $1 billion for systematic copyright infringement.

Why Google supports human review of copyright infringement rather than technology is that Google has no desire for review of copyrght infringement to be efficient because Google's business model depends in part in getting away with systematic copyright infringement.

"Human review trumps technology"... give me a break...