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More info on how competition benefits US wireless consumers hugely

I commend the new consumergram by the American Consumer Institute on: "With increased competition, US consumers exert their power over wireless providers." 

  • Its a timely overview of all the benefits that US wireless consumers enjoy as a result of the US having arguably the most competitive wireless market in the world.

You wouldn't know that if you only listened to the many wireless and America bashers, organized by Google and the New American Foundation, who are gathering for a wireless/America bash-fest on Capitol Hill next week, January 22nd, called "Free my phone!"

  • The panel is heavily stacked with wireless bashers from the Google/tech perspective who think tech-defined and controlled "openness" is the only attribute of wireless that wireless consumers care about -- not low prices stimulating the highest usage in the world -- mundane benefits like that.      
  • If you listen to the chatter coming from that event next week, you will hear whining about how bad US wireless is, how far behind and pathetic the US is in the world of wireless technology.
  • The problem is that this "free my phone!" whining is that it is "spin" not backed up by facts; that's why the ACI research is so helpful.
    • "The study found that the U.S. wireless market offers more choices of service providers and handset devices than any Western market.
    • The study showed that increased competition is correlated with lower prices, increased demand and increased consumer welfare.
    • Specifically, U.S. consumers use an average of 800 wireless minutes per month, while most European consumers use less than 200 minutes per month; and U.S. wireless prices are the lowest among the developed countries, with the exception of Hong Kong."

Please free us from whining not based on facts!