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Frustrated net neutrality zealots are lashing out at a universal broadband success story

An obviously frustrated Art Brodsky of Public Knowlege, trashes the Nation's leading and successful pilot effort to promote universal broadband in the country -- Connect Kentucky -- in a voluminous post that's best described as a glass-half-empty, life-is-so-terrible-because-the-world-is-not-perfect, whine-fest.  

These two are so tunnel-visioned against anything private sector and so zealous for government nationalization of broadband infrastructure -- that they fail to see that there is a strong bipartisan and practical consensus around promoting universal broadband deployment to all Americans quickly and that Connect Kentucky has proven to be quite successful in achieving that bipartisan goal.   

It is important to note that Mr. Brodsky works for Public Knowledge whose  George Soros-funded mission is "defending a vibrant information commons."

  • For those not familiar with the information commons term, its the butterfly-and-rainbows-euphemism that "the movement" uses to describe a what most people would consider a socialized Internet where the public owns all Internet infrastructure and any digital content that comes in contact with the Internet becomes public property. 
  • It is also telling that none of Public Knowlege's stated goals are to promote universal broadband, but its number two goal is promoting net neutrality.

Hello guys. Do you really think it makes people more supportive of net neutrality to trash and slow the deployment of broadband to all Americans?

  • Don't you think anyone is watching?