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It's unreasonable for 1 "bandwidth hippo" out of every 10,000 users to gobble up everyone's bandwidth!

Another reason why the FreePress petition to block Comcast's reasonable network managment is so unreasonable is that it puts the bandwidth gluttony of a very few ahead of the needs of everyone else on the network.

The core premise and expectation behind the FreePress petition is outrageous and unreasonable.

  • The people are essentially asking for radical net neutrality, which refuses to recognize Comcast's responsibility to reasonably manage network bandwidth scarcities to ensure that the few excessive abusers of bandwidth do not ruin the usability and responsiveness for the overwhelming majority of its Internet users.

Let's put Comcast's network management problem in perspective.

  • Comcast estimates that about 1 of every 10,000 users have been engaged in excessive use, which Comcast describes as: "any customer who downloads the equivalent of 30,000 songs, 250,000 pictures or 13 million emails in a month."
    • These digital gluttons aren't just bandwidth hogs, they are bandwidth "hippos" who make your average "hog" look like a "scrawny nibbler" by comparsion.
    • What reasonable person could think that 1 user out of every 10,000 should have the right to gorge so excessively on bandwidth -- without limitation -- even if that gluttony starves the other 99.99% of other full-paying customers?

The FreePress/ crowd behind this Comcast petition have lost all sense of perspective, reality or fairness.

  • They are totally unreasonable.