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Googlers -- the new nobility -- taking elitism to new heights

I thought you might enjoy the latest evidence that Googlers think of themselves as special, better than the rest of us, a form of American nobility, the elite of the elite. 

From the recent Newsweek article: "Google goes globe-trotting":

  • "Google is like Fantasy Land," says APM David Hammer, 24, who hails from Newton, Mass. "You're one of the chosen people." (bold added)
    • "the chosen people." a Googlers own words.  Hmmmm. I thought that moniker was already taken, and as I remember, it was not self-granted.  
  • The Newsweek article continues: "Actually, it's like being one of the Lost Boys from "Peter Pan.""
    • For those of you who didn't remember them like me, the lost boys were immortals who lived in Neverland with Peter Pan... By the way, isn't Michael Jackson's estate called Neverland? 
  • The article then described: "At headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., Google has 17 no-cost dining areas, each focused on a specific cuisine, including Asian fusion vegan and tapas. There are swimming pools, health clinics, beach-volleyball courts and massage rooms."

This Newsweek article preceded the precious front page New York Times story of today: "Google Options Make Masseusse a Multi-Millionaire."

  • What I thought most interesting was not that a masseusse became a Google multi-millionaire, but that she was employee #40!
  • Let's put this in perspective, Google founders, Masters of the digital universe Larry and Sergey (like Madonna and Cher -- no last names needed) apparently hired a full time masseuse, BEFORE Google had figured out a business model for search called online advertising, and way BEFORE profitability.
    • Seems like Larry and Sergey had a very early sense of special entitlement...

I also found a particularly interesting juxtaposition in the New York Times article:

  • “It isn’t considered ‘Googley’ to check the stock price,” said an engineer, using the Google jargon for what is acceptable in the company’s culture..."
  • " is also not Googley to talk about personal fortunes made at the company."
    • That's strange, it seems that Larry and Sergey consider it "Googley" to get a 767 "party plane" with Hammocks and a king size bed, and even get exclusive and unprecedented landing rights at a NASA landing strip seven minutes from Google's headquarters.
      • No other mere billionaire enjoys such a extraordinary perk and special privlidge from the U.S. government.  ...but I forget, Google is special, a cut above them all...
      • Only the "little people" fly gulfstreams or egads fly commercial aircraft... where they might have to breath the air of the masses... eeuuu! ick!

Bottom line: When you are "the chosen people" all content is free, the press must fawn over you; bandwidth should be paid for by the little people, states should give you $200m in tax breaks with no committments in return, and Congress should pass laws to advantage your business model and latest whims.

  • I wonder when we will read about people feeding Googlers grapes as they lie on their backs on pillows like the Roman elite... or being fanned by servants like the Pharaohs... it is only a matter of time...