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Googlegate? The Examiner documents Google coverup of close relationship

The plot thickens. Robert Cox of The Examiner has produced another must-read piece uncovering much more detail of the closeness of the relationship: "New questions raised on Google, relationship."

  • The piece documents a detailed timeline of the infamous New York Times' General Betray-us? advertisement and then Google's subsequent efforts to help and protect from advertisements on Google. 

What's new and fresh in this piece is the very detailed timeline that connects-the-dots of all of the coverage to assemble a compelling chonology that shows how Google did not follow its own policies and procedures, or even trademark law and practice, in order to censor other's free speech that would be critical of their close political ally

  • Not only did Google go out of its way to censor a U.S. Senator's political free speech in election season, Google still has not:
    • Admitted its error; (even after has);
    • Apologized to U.S. Senator Collins and the Google community;
    • Committed to not repeat such censorship;
    • reviewed its policies and procedures that were not followed;
    • given its advertising team a legal briefing on what is constitutionally-protected free speech;
    • established better internal controls and management oversight; and 
    • shown the most basic corporate responsibility and accountability.  

Bottom line: Apparently Google operates under a blatant double standard where they make a big stink about the perceived free speech problems of their net neutrality opponents (through their  surrogates) but do not hold themselves up to that same free speech standard.

  • Can you trust a company like Google that says one thing, but does the opposite?