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Rising consumer complaints against Google -- More evidence Google does not do what they say

Listening to Google's General Counsel testify at the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on the Google-DoubleClick merger  which I also testified at, one would think everyone loves Google and all was just "teddie bears and rainbows" for consumers in Googleland.

  • As with all things Google -- what Google says and what Google does -- are two very different things.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran a great article outlining how not all consumers are as enamored with Google as Google's PR machine leads people to believe.

This is part of a clear pattern with Google... they represent all is well when it in fact is not.

Why am I so tough on Google? Because Google earns it almost every day in adding to the increasing mountain of evidence that Google does not in fact do what Google says it does.

According to Google's database of all the world's information -- these phrases have never been written by anyone in the world. Pretty damning huh?