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Unsolicited advice for Frontline Wireless' new Open Access Advisory council

Reed Hundt's Frontline Wireless,  is reportedly forming a high-profile "Open Access Advisory Council" for the 700 MHz spectrum auction, which includes "net neutrality" term-coiner and celebrity Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu.

I have two pieces of unsolicited advice for Frontline's new advisory council."

  • First, be fully "open" and transparent about Frontline's real behind-the-scenes Advisory Council, which includes Google (given that Frontline's money backers are so closely financially-tied to Google) and Google's "Senior Advisor" Al Gore (Hundt's political patron when he was FCC Chairman and Mr. Gore was Vice President of the United States.)
    • (Please disregard this advice if the real purpose of creating Frontline Wireless as a separate entity and the purpose of lobbying for anonymous bidding in the 700 MHz auction rules, was to mask that Frontline is a potential bidding proxy or stalking horse for Google in the FCC's 700 Mhz auction.
      • My bad if you were trying to keep all this "under the radar."  Mums the word here.)
  • Second, recruit Nike's legendary founder to Frontline's Advisory council. I am sure his advice would be "just do it."
    • Just bid the most for the spectrum and Frontline can offer whatever open access policies it wants with the 700 MHz spectrum.
      • Why risk more goverment rules that would potentially limit how truly open Frontline could operate its 700 MHz network?

Bottom line: The auction is "open" to Frontline Wireless bidding and winning its desired spectrum. Frontline Wireless has complete "freedom" to offer a more "open" platform than the FCC's new "open" 700 MHz regulations now require.

  • Seems like this Advisory Council is less about advising Frontline Wireless on how to be open, but more about how to disadvantage Frontline's competitors by forcing net neutrality/open access regulation on them.