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AP: "Ethics group urges Congress to examine Google's Copyright controls"

Google's copyright kleptomania just can't stay out of the news for long. Per the AP/San Jose Mercury News last week:

  • "In letters sent to several lawmakers Wednesday, the National Legal and Policy Center excoriated Google for allowing its video-hosting service to become an online theater for showing and promoting illegally copied movies."

  • "The nonprofit group, which says it has no financial ties to the movie industry..."

  • "The grievances made to Congress focused exclusively on content found on Google's Web site rather than the company's more popular YouTube subsidiary that is being sued by Viacom Inc. for alleged copyright infringement."

  • "We are hoping to shame Google into doing something," Boehm said. "What they are doing is inexcusable corporate behavior. When big companies do something unethical, it sends a message to everyone else that it's OK."

Google's cavalier attitude disrespecting copyrights is similar to its cavalier attitude to fighting online fraud and click fraud. Google gets paid and profits handsomely from any clicks whether they are legitimate or fraudulent. 

  • Not only is Google's behavior unethical, its illegal.

 Bottomline: The evidence mounts that Google is among America's most notorious scofflaws. Google broadly acts as if they are above the law.