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Frontline Wireless' shameless misdirection to pickpocket the American taxpayer

Reed Hundt's Frontline Wireless is proposing more changes to the FCC's 700 MHz auction rules upon reconsiderataion -- so watch your wallet!

Per today's Comm Daily: 

  • "The winner of the 700 MHz auction D-block...license should be required to create a not-for-profit entity to provide services to public safety, Frontline Wireless told the FCC Thursday. "Frontline does not believe that the D-block licensee should sell services for even a penny of profit pinched from the pockets of policemen and policewomen" said former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, Frontline's Vice Chairman."
  • Has he no shame at all?
    • This is the most disingenous, sanctimonious, and misleading rhetoric I have yet heard in this piranha-fest of Frontline/Google schemers trying to strip away the value of the public's 700 MHz spectrum!

Not for profit! Don't be fooled by the sanctimonious rhetoric, this is all about political misdirection, to get regulators to take their eye off their wallet so Frontline can pickpocket the American taxpayer.

All this discussion about not-for-profit is ridiculous.

  • Is Frontline proposing to change its status from a taxpaying corporation to a tax exempt 501c3 charity?
  • Are Frontline's Google-connected Silicon Valley financiers cool with Mr. Hundt morphing their potential multi-billion "investment" into a tax-deduction "donation?"

Not for profit for wireless networks?

  • I posted a couple of days ago about a USA Today Front Page story on how cities are backing off building WiFi wireless broadband networks for their governments and public safety because of the cost and complexity of building wireless networks.

It is simply idiotic to propose to have a market-based auction for spectrum that the government would require be not-for-profit! You don't need to have an commercial auction for that just allocate the spectrum to a government agency, which is by definition -- not-for-profit!

  • Who in their right mind is going to bid billions of dollars for spectrum that can't be profited from?! Am I missing something here? No one.
    • Its all about a scheme to lower the value of the spectrum that the auction generates so Frontline can get spectrum at a below market price. 
  • Its so idiotic and preposterous and idea that the only logical explanation is that Frontline wireless's rule recommendations must have a hidden special treatment aspect in the fine print that would benefit only Frontline wireless.
  • Does Frontline actually believe everyone at the FCC and Congress is stupid and economically illiterate! They certainly are not. They will see through this misdirection.  

Finally, the most misleading statement of all is that no money "should be pinched from the pockets of policemen or policewomen."

  • Anyone who thinks about that statement for even a moment knows that police are government, and that the government pays for anything needed to conduct law enforcement.
    • It is shameless and outrageous for Mr. Hundt to imply that a for profit effort (like Frontline Wireless by the way) takes money from the personal pockets of policemen and policewomen!