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More corporate welfare for Google: founders' 767 plane gets special treatment from NASA

The San Francisco Chronicle has a precious article about Google's insatiable appetite for special treatment/corporate welfare: "Google execs take off with landing privileges at Moffet Field."  

  • "The jet's appearance at Moffett Field, which is normally closed to private aircraft, indicates that NASA has awarded Larry Page and Sergey Brin at least partial landing rights. The men are also negotiating to lease a hangar from the space agency, according to two people familiar with the matter."
  • " does set Google's founders apart from most fellow technology industry billionaires, and mere millionaires, who typically have to fly their corporate jets out of the Bay Area's three international airports."

Given that Google is so essential to the betterment of humankind, and so essential to the dissemination of the all the world's knowledge to all peoples who have a Google pryware cookie, Google's co-founders are clearly more "equal" than other mortal aviation travellers.  

  • Isn't it obvious to everyone that Google's co-founders deserve special treatment from our Federal Government?
    • In addition to a special NASA parking space for the Google's co-founders' 767 jetliner, I think NASA should give them a parking sign next to their parking space that says: "Reserved parking for Google's Co-founders, other 767s jetliners will be towed away at owners expense."
    • Of course, I am sure everyone believes that Google co-founders also deserve a special waiver from any Homeland Security requirements that may make their commute to work less convenient.
      • In recognition of Google's motto to "do no evil" the Federal Government could save the American taxpayer money by granting Google co-founders a special waiver from plebian:
        • TSA Airport security screening;
        • Homeland Security's Immigration and customs screening;and
        • FAA air traffic control monitoring.
      • If the Federal Government somehow determines it cannot legally give Google such a special waiver, I am sure they have plenty of extra personnel on hand to assign to Moffett field on a moments notice whenever Google's co-founders need to be specially cleared for their commute. 
        • For all Google's co-founders have done for America and mankind, the least our nation could do is give them back a small token of our appreciation in a little bit of special treatment and gratitude -- that their awesome genius, rectitude and benificence truly deserves.

What a great "public-private partnership" for the Federal Government!

  • The San Francisco Chronicle article also reminded readers that:
    • "Two years ago, Google signed a high-profile deal with NASA Ames to collaborate on a number of projects, most of which have been described only vaguely, and to build up to 1 million square feet of office space."
    • Surely it is just an oversight that Google and NASA's collaboration has been described "only vaguely" to the public and the media.
      • It has to be an oversight because Google's CEO Eric Schmidt recently said in an important policy speech at PFF that one of four public policy principles that were important to Google was that:
        • "government needs to act to make information more transparent."

        • Governments should " their web system so it’s all out there so everybody can see it. Then you can judge if your government is corrupt, brilliant, needs new leadership or whatever. It’s the American way, it’s a good way."

Bottomline: Let's see if Google and NASA are indeed transparent and will disclose whether Google is helping NASA for a million square foot "office space" hanger to park their 767 or for something else they are not being "open" about... -- let's also see if NASA requires Google to abide by all Homeland Security, TSA, customs, immigration, and FAA requirements that apply to every other private company and commercial aircraft.

  • I am sure Google would agree that transparent "open access" to such information would ensure that Google was in fact treated "neutrally" by NASA and was not "discriminated against" in any way by the Federal Government or others.
  • And lastly, it's important to ensure that Google's co-founders' most convenient commute to work was not "blocked, degraded or impaired" by NASA or the Federal Government.