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Dept. of Justice opposes net neutrality in FCC comments

The US Department of Justice in comments to the FCC said that it is opposed to "net neutrality" per an AP story.

Now both the US Department of Justice and The US Federal Trade Commission, the agencies legally responsible for investigating anti-competitive practices, officially have stated opposition to net neutrality regulation/legislation. 

  • The DOJ rightly compares the Internet to delivery services like mail, asking what's wrong with being able to charge different customers different prices for different speeds or guarantees?

Let's recap the institutions that have rejected the call for preemptive net neutrality regulation/legislation:

  • Department of Justice Antitrust Division;
  • Federal Trade Commission;
  • Federal Communications Commission;
  • U.S. House of Representatives;
  • Senate Commerce Committee; and
  • the State legislatures of Michigan, Maryland and Maine.

Bottomline: Net neutrality is a bogus issue based on bogus data, bogus arguments and bogus assertions.