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Wash Post says net neutrality legislation could save Google billions -- "corporate welfare?"

The recent front page Washington Post article: "Japan's warp-speed ride to Internet's future" made one interesting point:

  • "As a champion of Japanese-style competition through regulation, {Google's}Cerf supports "net neutrality" legislation now pending in Congress. It would mandate that phone and cable companies treat all online traffic equally, without imposing higher tolls for certain content. The proposed laws would probably save billions for companies such as Google..." [bold added]

It is instructive that the Washington Post sees through Google's self-serving consumer rhetoric and spotlights that Google has a big financial interest in passing net neutrality legislation.

  • Simply, Google wants to legislate a multi-billion dollar corporate welfare scheme that would effectively transfer wealth from the American consumer to Google all in the name of "consumer protection".  
  • Yet another way that Google's services are not really "free."