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WSJ editorial "A Wireless Bounty" debunks call for wireless net neutrality

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal editorial page for the editorial "A Wireless Bounty" highlighting that US wireless competition is robust, better than the rest of the world, and does not need government intervention to fix non-existent problems.

It is essential for the truth to be trumpeted in the mainstream media, because those who favor more government regulation of communications markets will fabricate all sorts of false notions to justify the creation of a "bureaucrat-net."

Those advocating wireless net neutrality have systematically misrepresented the state of US wireless competition and the benefits US consumers enjoy from that world leading competitive market.

  • Americans have lower prices, more choices and use wireless more than most any couuntry in the world.

Ask American users what they most want from wireless and it is: price, choice and reliability, which they receive "bountifully" from highly competitive US wireless providers.

  • The American consumer is not clamoring for unlocked phones.
  • Special interests are -- (eBay-Skype/Google) have financial interests that want special regulations that benefit the special needs of their business models.
    • And "Google's poodles", the liberal advocacy community, have been dutifully jumping through Google's hoops in order to get the treats of Google's generous financial support.